Caracal Stage Pole

Bring the unforgettable razzle-dazzle to your next event with the LED Caracal Stage Pole! The opaque plexiglass surface and vibrant LED lighting are sure to break the ice and get the party started. Once people get on they can't stop! Great for private parties, live events, birthdays and more. If you're looking to elevate your event above the rest, the Caracal Stage Pole is a must.

To reserve the Caracal Stage Pole, fill out your event details below and we'll send you booking details within 48 hours. 

Rates (includes delivery, assembly, and pickup)

        1 - 6 hours:    $499

       6 - 12 hours:   $599

        24 hours:       $799

***Caracal Stage Pole rentals typically available within 50 miles of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. Contact us for events outside of this radius. Stage requires source of electricity.

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