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Fearless, graceful, and independent - These are the hallmarks of an artist who is true to their form, and by which each #F1Pole is inspired. As performers, we were tired of having to fix and maintain poles purchased through industry leading vendors. We soon realized that our repaired dance poles were coming out better than the original products, so we decided to make our own pole from the ground up.

After many months of designing and planning, followed by a careful selection of suppliers, we created a one-piece pole that was made for performance and could be installed and/or removed in seconds. All-metal components and multiple bearing systems throughout would ensure the highest quality pole on the market. One that will spin constantly, so you can focus on artistic expression. One that is built to last for decades. A pole you can be proud to show off, or that can be removed when hosting distinguished guests. A pole that won’t be broken in your garage come a couple years. Not only was this idea born out of a need in the market, it was created with the artist in mind, not the viewer. For if the artist is given the tools needed, the viewers will be moved.

The Specialized Dance Pole™ is where skilled craftsmanship and uninhibited artistic manifestation come together, and we back this commitment to the arts with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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