Our Commercial+ line is the go-to choice for dance clubs and studios around the country. This revolutionary line of heavy-duty spinning dance poles are designed for ultimate performance and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Available up to 20' feet and reinforced with carbon steel, they ensure unparalleled stability, durability, and safety.

Since 2017, we've been setting the the industry standard for commercial dance poles. Transform any establishment into a dance heaven with Commercial+, where strength meets grace.

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More than just a pole

Our Commercial+ dance poles are at the crossroads of craftsmanship and elegance. These are the things that separate our Commercial+ products from the rest:

custom sizing up to 20' Feet

Cut to your specifications

Eliminate the ceiling height dilemma from your planning. Take your venue to new heights and maximize your space with poles up to 20' feet (6.1m) in height.

Eliminated Tube Bending

Carbon steel tube reinforcement

Regular steel poles bend with use and become warped over time. This adversely affects dancer performance and does not exude luxury to patrons.

Effortless Spin Factor

Multiple bearing rotation systems

A pole that doesn't spin is just a tube. Our Commercial+ poles are designed with multiple bearing assemblies throughout, allowing dancers to spin endlessly and effortlessly while performing.

Unleashed potential

Choose what meets your needs

We offer removable, permanent, and ceilingless pole types. Choose one or mix and match. Enjoy the endless possibilities that each pole type can bring to your venue.

Miami Saucer Base

Elevated flexibility

Only Commercial+ poles offer compatibility with the Miami Saucer Base. This increasingly popular attachment is a must for clubs and studios of the top-tier.


Never worry about poles again

We back our commitment to business owners by including a Lifetime Warranty on the parts and assembly of every Commercial+ dance pole.

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